Irelands first Non Alcoholic Pub


We believe that the future of social interactions will dramatically change in Ireland to be centred more on health, wellness and mindfulness. Therefore the advent of Pubs/Bars like the Nuns Room will develop and be integrated into the existing Pub/Bar/Restaurant culture and infrastructure. This will at least go some way to help particularly in the issue of Rural Isolation partly caused due to the zero tolerance in Drink Driving. The Millennial will be the major driver of change for this as their cultural upbringing and inputs are very different and are more connected to the Environment, Mindfulness and Health. Ie. “They didn’t grow up with having a few pints and getting in the car as normal” ...The concept is by no means just designed for the Millennial as it is really just a nice place to meet, chat, sing a few songs, have a nice bite to eat and just relax to unwind the stresses of a busy day.

We are researching and finding the best Non Alcoholic Beers, Wines, Spirits, Cocktails etc but it is not all about the Non Alcoholic offerings as we intend to also have really high quality fruit based drinks, Juices, Protein shakes, Health and Wellness Drinks, low sugar, and some of the more popular Health refreshments on the market. We are going to have good coffee and a selection of fine Teas, so it is not just a “dry pub” as the secret we believe will be in the total offering to include a light bite food menu that is fresh, clean and healthy.

We aim to create a very nice atmosphere and environment in the Nuns Room and in conjunction with the very special and unique location of the Kennedy Rooms our hope is that we will build a place that people will want to be part of and visit regularly.