The Kennedy Rooms Film Center

The Film Center at The Kennedy Rooms in Bruff Co. Limerick is your perfect one stop shop for your Movie Production. We have all of the requried facilities, spaces and locations to ensure that you get the best value for your Budget and the best return for your time.  

Facilities and services available.


Accommodation:                             9 Single and 10 Bunk Rooms.  

F&B:                                                   Self Service Kitchen, Full Serviced Breakfast Room, Full Serviced Dining Room, Living/TV Room. NA Bar,                                                                           Vending Machines.

Production:                                      Production, Make Up, Costume, Props, SFX, Meeting, Screening Rooms in separate Building. Separate                                                                             connector to main Building.

Sets and Locations;                         Two floors of unused Rooms and spaces that can be altered and designed/decorated as per requirement.
                                                           Work Sheds and Rooms for Set Builders.
                                                           Large other spaces that can be modified and designed as per Set Requirements
                                                           Fully Fitted out and decorated Chapel, Museum, Dining Room, Balcony, Old Irish Pub, Board Room and                                                                           Library.
                                                           Grounds and Lawns.

Access and Parking:                        25 Minutes from Limerick City. 22km.
                                                           40 Minutes from Shannon. 45km.
                                                           1 hour from Cork City
                                                           Private Parking area that can accommodate large trucks etc.
                                                           24 hour Security cameras and Electric Gates.

Some recent Projects 
Produced and Filmed on site at the Kennedy Rooms Film Venue 

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