The Venue

The Kennedy Rooms is a specialised suite of Rooms and Areas that can be used individually or grouped as required by the Client or Event. The only limit is your imagination and creativity to build an amazing event and experience for your guests or clients.
Reception Rooms

The Reception Rooms are a suite of Rooms and Areas that can receive or entertain Guests. They can be used as formal Reception spaces or as a stand alone Event space for a small group or meeting.

The Entrance Hall   The Dressing Room   The Board Room

The Chapel

Spectacular Architecture, amazing detail and a space that will amaze, the Chapel is the centerpiece of the Kennedy Rooms Events Space. It can be formatted in numerous different layouts and styles dependent on your client requirements.

The Chapel

Camelot Suite

For your Formal Dining Experience in the wonderful Edwardian styled Camelot Suite you will not be disappointing. The style and Decor of the Room is spectacular and is ideal for a Downton Abbey Style Gala Dinner

The Camelot Suite

The Meeting Rooms

We have a range of options for Conferences, Meetings, Expos or TeamBuilding or any other uses that may be required by a Client , Community Group or Corporate Company.

The Brian Boru Irish Pub

Deep in the heart of the building you will find a very surprising element to our Kennedy Rooms Story. We have build an authentic Old Irish Bar called "The Brian Boru" after the Ancient High King of Ireland. It is a replica of a Traditional Irish Pub, but you will not feel its a replica once you enjoy its unique hospitality and Irish Spirit.

The Irish Pub

The Grounds

The considerable Grounds at the Kennedy Rooms can be uses in a myriad of ways from Garden Parties, Marquees, TeamBuilding, etc. The Grass areas and lawns are a beautiful addition to the Convent Building and compliment in relation to location of services to support any outdoor event or requirement.

The Museum  
The old Irish Cottage in the Golden Vale

The Golden Vale has long been seen as some of the best horse and cattle land in the country and here we have tried to recreate an old Irish cottage from the 1900's to show how people lived and worked the land during that period. 

The Museum