Bruff, the Golden Vale a Convent and a Dream

The Dream

The unique Location, the incredible History, the amazing Architecture, the Political connections, the surrounding area and the People sets up an once in a lifetime opportunity to create something unique and special that will embrace all of these elements and embed them into our combined Vision for the Future of  the Kennedy Rooms.

John and Rebecca's Development Strategy is to build a sustainable and commercially viable business based on Corporate Tourism mixed with Local and Community involvement and integration.

The great story this Project creates will connect and resonate with the guest seeking something really different and special.

Our aim is to create and continue to build this great story to ensure that this venue and all of its chapters are not lost but enhanced.


The F.C.J. (Faithful Companions of Jesus) Sisters came to Bruff in 1856, following an invitation from Dean Cussen. The six F.C.J. sisters set up a girls’ primary and secondary school (Ard Scoil Mhuire). Up until its closure in June 2012, over 200 Sisters had worked in the secondary school.
The current convent is a very impressive building, with spectacular Architectural and Decorative features.

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Thomas Fitzgerald was the great grandfather of the late John Fitzgerald Kennedy (on his mother's side), President of the United States of           America. He left Bruff  and emigrated to America in 1854.  

He was born in Bruff,  County Limerick in 1823. He was a farmer  and though the Fitzgerald farm was affected by the Great famine, Thomas managed to keep it going until finally, in 1854, he was forced to leave Ireland and headed for the U.S.












Like the Kennedy’s he also settled in Boston, Massachusetts and in 1857 married Rosanna Cox who had arrived in Boston from County Cavan. 

One of their children, John Francis Fitzgerald (Honey Fitz), JFK’s grandfather, eventually became Mayor of Boston. 

BRUFF “An Brú” A Place of Importance

Bruff is a quaint town in east County Limerick, located on the old Limerick–Cork road (R512). The town lies on the Morning Star River, where two bridges crossing the river create two beautiful parks. 

Attractions in the Area with in 15 to 20 minute Drive

The connection between Bruff and the Family of John Fitzgerald Kennedy has long been established and has appeared in a number of publications. In October 1994, Mrs. Jean Kennedy Smith in her role as United States Ambassador to Ireland visited Bruff and witnessed the various locations that her ancestors emigrated from and read the parish records which authenticate this relationship between Bruff and the Fitzgerald’s.


When Thomas Fitzgerald left Ireland in 1854 he carried with him a family bible. He settled in Boston, Massachusetts and in 1857 married Rosanna Cox who had arrived in Boston from County Cavan, Ireland.
John Kennedy’s great-grandfather on his fathers side Patrick Kennedy, left Dunganstown, County Wexford during the Great famine and became a cooper in Boston.

Over a century later John Fitzgerald Kennedy would lay his hand on that same bible as he took the oath of office while remembering his poor immigrant ancestors. One can only imagine the reaction of the Fitzgerald’s on the way to “the land of the free” had someone predicted the future importance’s of the same bible.

This Bible is on display in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. A clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court held the large bible as John Fitzgerald Kennedy took his oath of office as 35th President of the United States on January 20, 1961.