20-5-18 Bruff Kennedy Rooms  -14
20-5-18 Bruff Kennedy Rooms -14


Spectacular Location
Local Foods and Menu

Formally the home of the FCJ Convent  School in Bruff in County Limerick. It is set in the beautiful Golden Vale of Southern Ireland. The area is renowned for its rich pasture land and rolling hills. It is steeped in Ancient History dating back to pre Christian times and has abundant sites from the stone and bronze age.

Ireland's Golden Vale is famous for having some of the best quality land in the country which produces the highest quality Beef and Lamb. Covering parts of three counties, Limerick, Tipperary and Cork the Golden Vale is world renowned for Horse Breeding, Agriculture and high quality Food production. 


The Area is steeped in Culture, History and Folklore and has some of the best Traditional Entertainers in the Country.

From Irish Dancing to Seisun Bands to great Storytellers or in Gaelic the Seanachai, we have them all ready and eager to Entertain you.

Venue Options
Just Imagine

The Kennedy Rooms is a specialised multi Room Venue that can be used in various different  ways to suit any event or Client request.

We can tailor the Venue to your specific needs from a full hire to an Individual Room hire, there is an option for everyone.